"Uh, I have something for you, Maria."


the book of life was so good my favorite part was when the whole movie

And I don’t even want to learn textbook Spanish anyway that’s the kind of shit that makes you sound way to formal




Just one word. GORGEOUS.

As a Mexican, I couldn’t be happier about how the animation and the story described so perfectly how, “Dia de Muertos” ( day of the dead) is in here, how we feel it, how it is literally a party full of life even if it’s for our beloved dead ones. 


Even though some things didn’t fit with our actual culture in the movie (Like the bullfights, they are actually from Spain, not from Mexico), and they seemed kind of “Americanized” or they left the wrong impression. BUT, the way the characters were, the details in the drawings and in the backgrounds, everything had that Mexican touch,  and it was beautifully done. image

And even though it is a movie for children, I LOVED IT.

Oh and one more thing. We don’t use sombreros anymore or dress the way they were dressed at these times. Yes, looong time ago mexicans dressed like that but not anymore. Thank you.

Actually yeah, bull fights are originally from Spain the thing is that by time the movie is set, 1920, (and even way before), bull fight was a big deal here in the country. México has a really long and grand tradition of bull fighting so it really fitted in the film. And for the dressing, you’re right we don’t dress like that anymore and that’s one of the things I liked, things are so fitting for the epoch the movie is set.


ppl spend too much time mad at women for allegedly catering to the male gaze when they could be mad at men for being gross

I want to get excited for Disney/Pixar movies but I’ve grown to feel that I can’t trust them not to be disrespectful and toxic.


Drew Manolo because he’s so cute uvu not sure if I like the lineart alone more or with color haha